General Info

The first download of the Sukul-map might, 
depending on the speed of your internet-connection, take a 
considerable amount of time .
Normally  - this is the default configuration of the browser - the
downloaded files will be stored on your harddisk which will 
speed up the subsequent access to the map.


To view this website correctly,  you will have to install
the True-Type-Font Indo Times Roman.
This Font can
be downloaded here as a zip-file:

1) Download the font to a folder on your computer.
2) Double-Click the downloaded font. This should open it in your 
default unzipping program (e.g. WinZip).
3) "Extract" the font to C:\windows\fonts ( this is the default folder
 for fonts on Windows 95/98 )
4) Navigate to the folder you just extracted it to. Click on this folder.
 Once all your fonts are displayed, you should see the new ones you
 just installed. Double-Click the new fonts to "activate" them.


Browser issues

This website is designed to match most of the current browsers'
needs. We recommend Netscape Navigator 4.x or later. Internet
Explorer 4.x or later should also work fine although we have
sometimes encountered problems with the font-setting. To solve
these we advise you to open the pull-down-menu "View", go to
"Coding" and then change the settings to "user defined". If this
does not work it might be necessary to change the font manually in
the menu "Internet Options".
To view the pop-up-windows and the flags you will have to 
activate java-script.



In the Introduction we have included an animated version of the
map. In order to view this map you'll have to install the
flash-player. In most of the current browsers the flash-player
is included. If you don't have flash-player installed, you can obtain
a free player here.


In case you need any further help please contact us.